Well, keeping the site…

I decided to keep the website and use it to blog about what I’m doing and what’s going on. And that way, I won’t put so much stuff on Facebook. Let’s face it, I put way too much on FB and not everyone wants to see all that.

So what will I blog about? Here are some topics:
1) We want to go Paleo in the whole house



2) I’m starting a job, so thoughts on that transition



3) I’m going to be using Gwynnie Bee for clothing, so I thought I’d show some of those clothes and what I think about them.


4) I recently got a LapBand, so I’ll comment on that process and weight loss



Looks like 2015 will be an interesting year of transition, so hang with us!


Hello world!

This site has been rebuilt more times than I can count at this point.

In December, my web-hosting comes up for renewal. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep my personal site or not. Pretty much everything that I used to do on this site I now do on Facebook. Unless I’m going to take up blogging, I’m not sure that I need a personal website anymore.

At the same time, I’ve let the kids’ domain names go. When they were born, I reserved their names as domain names in case they ever wanted them. Been paying a small annual fee to keep them… I asked them and then decided to let them go. The world is just different than it was 10+ years ago. People don’t have personal sites anymore…

Anyway, the site was broken, so I just wiped it and started new again. Still considering what I may want to do with it.

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